6/28    Hinds Community College
7/27    Early College High School
8/3    Hampton Academy
8/17    Gannon University

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Learning-to-Learn Camps: Their History and Development (from the International Journal of Process Education)

For institutions and schools interested in promoting not only increased student success but also a transformed culture of mentoring and success among faculty, Pacific Crest is pleased to offer a bundled program of two of its most popular events:

 The Learning to Learn Camp & the Student Success Institute.

What benefits does this program offer?

1. A research and practice-based focus on improving students’ ability to learn. As students begin to learn how to learn, they become capable of increasing their ability to learn.
2. A more effective culture of student success at your institution
3. Transformed faculty practices in the areas of learning, teaching, mentoring and assessing
4. A train-the-trainer model so that the institution is able to own the process and continue its own growth and improvement
5. A set of valuable resources for foundational and first-year courses that help to increase first-year retention

What is a Student Success Institute?

The 3-day Student Success Institute is based on the premise that a key role of educators in higher education is that of a mentor who fosters a learner’s growth and the development of his or her cognitive, social, and affective skills. Success is referred to not simply in terms of academic success but rather in terms of a broad set of those skills required for success beyond college. The Student Success Institute is the best possible preparation for faculty who will be participating in a Learning to Learn Camp. The 1-day Student Success Workshop has the same focus as the longer institute, but with a reduced scope.

Institute Focus and Themes

The institute will provide strategies, techniques, and tools which foster personal growth and development of students in the context of first-year courses and learning-to-learn camps. During the institute, participants will be introduced to a variety of tools which support the philosophy of Process Education and lead to a quality first-year course.

These tools include:


• life vision portfolio

• self-growth paper

• Student Success Toolbox

• methodologies

• levels of knowledge


• peer assessments

• guided-discovery activities

• learning communities

• classification of learning skills

• performance measures


The institute will provide strategies, techniques, and tools which foster personal growth and development of students in the context of first-year courses and Learning to Learn Camps. Institute participants will learn how to:


Create a productive learning environment


Elevate the use of assessment and integrate assessment into a course


Design, build, and facilitate effective learning teams and cooperative learning


Facilitate active learning with constructive interventions on key issues and skills


Use journaling and self-reflection


Foster learner ownership and implement strategies for overcoming resistance


Connect with students and believe in their potential


Challenge performance (raising the bar)


Grow learner performance (including a special emphasis on reading)


Pre-assess individuals and assess learning outcomes


Design a process-oriented syllabus with clearly defined expectations & requirements


Help students take ownership for their own success (student buy-in)


Help students to build strong individual identities consistent with their life visions

Next Steps...

Please contact us so that we can put together a custom Learning for Success package designed to meet your specific needs.