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Chapter 1 Evaluating Expressions

Section 1.1

Computing with Signed Numbers and Combining Like Terms

Section 1.2


Section 1.3

Square Roots

Section 1.4

Substitution and Evaluation

Section 1.5

Interpreting Word Problems

Chapter 2 Solving Equations

Section 2.1


Section 2.2

Validating Solutions

Section 2.3

Isolating a Variable

Section 2.4

General Methodology for Solving an Equation

Chapter 3 Geometry

Section 3.1

Points, Lines, Angles, and Parallel Lines

Section 3.2


Section 3.3


Section 3.4


Section 3.5

Geometric Solids

Section 3.6

Composite Figures

Chapter 4 Tables and Simple Statistics

Section 4.1

Reading Tables

Section 4.2

Using Tables for Conversions

Section 4.3

Descriptive Statistics

Section 4.4

Statistical Graphs

Chapter 5 Graphing

Section 5.1

Plotting Points and Line Segments

Section 5.2

Ordered Pairs, Intercepts, and Slopes

Section 5.3

Graphing to Determine Linear Relationships

Section 5.4

Graphing an Equation

Section 5.5

Linear Equations and Function Notation


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