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Chapter 1 Whole Numbers

Section 1.1

Introduction to Whole Numbers

Section 1.2

Rounding Whole Numbers

Section 1.3

Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

Section 1.4

Multiplying Whole Numbers

Section 1.5

Dividing Whole Numbers


Practice Test

Chapter 2 Decimal Numbers

Section 2.1

Reading, Writing, Comparing, and Rounding Decimal Numbers

Section 2.2

Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers

Section 2.3

Multiplying Decimal Numbers

Section 2.4

Dividing Decimal Numbers


Practice Test

Chapter 3 Fractions

Section 3.1

Introduction to Fractions

Section 3.2

Finding Prime Factors

Section 3.3

Reducing Fractions

Section 3.4

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Section 3.5

Building Equivalent Fractions and Ordering Fractions

Section 3.6

Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers


Practice Test

Chapter 4 Ratios and Proportions

Section 4.1


Section 4.2


Section 4.3

Applications of Proportions


Practice Test

Chapter 5 Percents

Section 5.1

Converting between Percents, Decimals, and Fractions

Section 5.2

Solving Percent Problems


Practice Test

Chapter 6 Signed Numbers, Exponents, and Order of Operations

Section 6.1

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Signed Numbers

Section 6.2


Section 6.3

Evaluating Expressions Using the Order of Operations


Practice Test

Answer Keys

Demonstrate Your Understanding

Methodologies (Example 2 Problems)

Chapter Applications

Additional Exercises

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